Brenda West

Posted on April 30 2018



Summer 2018 is HERE!!!

If you’re anything like me you spent the first 2 months of the year talking about how SNATCHED, you’re about to be. The next 2 months coming up with a plan on HOW you’re going to do it. Now...month 5; you’re singing- ‘take me as I am and love every part of me!’

Just because your body may not be quite where you imagined or even if you pushed through and made your goal; Sis, you deserve to look as amazing as all the celebrities we spend our lives watching. Honey Trap Co., has your back, front, top and bottom for that undeniable slay without breaking your wallet.

For instance, shop this Cardi B super cute outfit on our site. Bardi pairs her denim shorts with a fun red and white striped shirt to achieve effortless classy casual that you could rock with heels or flats depending on your occasion. You can achieve the same look by getting our (insert whatever items would give the same look)

So many looks to be made for less. Shop our website and gear up to party like Cardi!!

Written By: Young & Perplexed

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